Our Lady of Lourdes

Roman Catholic Church 
Seaford, Delaware

(Parish Office: 302-629-3591 / Email: ParishOffice@OLLSeaford.org)

The Altar Server’s Charge

As you accept the honor and privilege of becoming an Altar Server for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, you acknowledge that you are now a member of the Altar Server Ministry. Your duty as an Altar Server is to assist the Priest(s) and Deacon(s) at the holy Mass. In performing your duties, you will have the tremendous privilege of being in the Sanctuary and at the Altar of our Lord. With the honor and privilege bestowed upon you as members of the Altar Server Ministry, comes a responsibility to act with reverence at all times; to be alert and ready to assist our Priest(s) and Deacon(s). Please be ever mindful that you are to participate in the Mass, to pray, to sing and to worship as you give the gift of your time and service to our Church.

If you, or someone you know would be willing to serve our Church as an Altar Server, they must first submit an informal application.  Applicants minimum age is 8 yrs old, and all applicants must have received First Holy Communion. There is no maximum age. Applications are available from our Parish Office.

Should you have additional questions regarding the Altar Server Ministry please feel free to contact the  

Parish Office 302-629-3591.